When you would like to proceed with my services:

1.  Please contact me by email at yvette@elitetranscriptionservice to discuss your requirements.  For transcription work I will need the following information to give you the correct quote:

a) Length of file.

b) Typed Strict Verbatim or Intelligent Verbatim style (differences outlined below).

c) Time Stamped or not, and if so, every 30 or 60 secs plus speaker change.

d) Turnaround time required.

e) How many speakers.

f) Using my template or your template.  (A copy of my template can be provided to you for you to decide).  


2.  In the case of transcription work, please send me your audio file by email, WeTransfer or into my Dropbox using the email address.  In the case of copy typing please email me your typed copy or handwritten copy to   

3.  I will check your file and confirm with you the total price for the work.

4. Email me confirmation you have read, understood and agree with my terms and conditions and that you are happy for me to go ahead.

5. For new clients/ one-off jobs, I will invoice you with your returned transcript and payment will be due within 7 days of receipt of the invoice. Long-term regular clients and ongoing projects, I will invoice monthly and payment is expected within 7 days of receipt of invoice.  

6. I will carry out the work for you, proofread it, and return to you within the specified deadline. 

7. I will provide you with an invoice, along with payment details.



Intelligent Verbatim with slang – Most commonly used.

The transcript reads easily and clearly with all relevant information included.

False starts/ repeated words, erm, er, you know, know what I mean will be omitted. 

Gonna and wanna will be left as is. 

Cause will be because. 

Yeah/yes/yep/yip/yea will be yes or yeah.

Ok will be okay.


Intelligent Verbatim without slang

As above but gonna will be typed going to, and wanna will be typed want to.


Strict Verbatim

Typed word for word, including all that is said.

So, all false starts/ repeated words/ erm, er, you know, know what I mean, coughing, throat clearing, gonna, wanna, cause, yeah,  yip, yep, yea, aha, uh-huh will all be left in. 



You have the option of choosing a regular template for your transcript or having it timecoded at 30 or 60 second intervals and at every speaker change.  A timecoded transcript does incur an extra charge.  I can provide copies of both for you to choose from.