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Whether you are a large or small company, sole trader, or individual, I am here to assist you by providing a very personalised service, quality, professional transcripts and copy typing on a freelance basis. 

I am your personal transcriptionist, your work will not be handed out to anyone else.

I provide confidential transcription services in the general, business, finance, legal and media fields. I specialise in podcast transcriptions.


About Elite Transcription Service

Elite Transcription Service specialises in providing accurate transcripts, copy typing and data entry services, on a freelance basis.

My name is Yvette and I’m the owner of Elite Transcription Service.  Typing is my passion, which is why I set up Elite Transcription Service, over four years ago, in order to provide remote transcription, copy typing and data entry services. I look forward to getting to know you, and providing accurate transcripts or copy typing for you. 

I have approximately 30 years’ secretarial, administration, office manager and PA experience in legal firms and the property sector which has given me all the skills necessary to provide you with a fast, professional, accurate, efficient, high-quality and personalised service.

All work is carried out to the highest standard and remains 100% confidential at all times.  If I can be of assistance to you, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Elite Transcription Service


Specialising in transcribing recorded media from audio or video files onto typed word documents in either the verbatim or intelligent verbatim style, time coded if needed, in the general and legal fields.

I transcribe podcasts, telephone conversations, interviews, dictation, meetings, hearings, interviews, focus groups, conferences, video, radio shows and market research, to name a few.

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